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09-08-2007 16:09:30

Hello everyone. I'm really eager and determine to make some cah today and everyday. I would definitely like to build my trade record up. I know about the freebie sites. I have cousins that are on anything 4free and referral swapper. I would like to start off only with easy trainn sites that you would only have to complete one offer. I mean one not two, three, or four to green. Only one offer to go green. I would like a minimum of $25 and paid on green If this fit the description of anyone, feel free to pm me or respond, otherwise, do not send me a pm. Thanks. Looking forward to getting started soon. D


09-08-2007 16:15:41

Pm'd you with a few sites, mainly


09-08-2007 17:14:04

pm you


09-08-2007 17:50:20

pming you

sandra habina

09-08-2007 18:19:23

Hello and welcome dear. Trainn YourPS3free $25

PM me if you are interested.


09-08-2007 18:22:48

Hi and welcome to the community )

I have quite a few sites paying over $25, and up to $45 per green )

I PM'd you the sites.


10-08-2007 06:56:36

Check out my trading thread - I have sites that should interest you )
I'll also PM you.