Thanks to all who sent me trades

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08-08-2007 12:43:47

Hi everyone!

Thanks to all who sent me trades. Within about 10 minutes I received 30 plus offers to go through. Please be patient with me as it will take some time for me to get to all of you, but I will I promise. If your situation changes do let me know and if you have another site to do please let me know. I have enough work to keep me busy for at least a week. I am excited about the possibilities for this industry.

Lets get those greens!

Mike Smith lol


08-08-2007 12:55:49

pm'd you!


08-08-2007 13:06:50

First let me start with thanking you for reading my post, Thanks! If you would like to complete any of my offers please pm me. I am willing to work with anybody who actually intends to finish a trade once it is accepted. Newbies are more than welcome, I would love to work with each and every one of you. I also have a 100% Trade Record click on the link in my signature to verify!!
Paypal.ogf=35.00(on green)
Something4nothing=35.00(on green)
Money.whypayitsfree=20.00(on green) lots & lots of cheap offers green)
cash.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
Gifts.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
giftcards.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
phones.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
4evergreen=20.00(on green)
4evergreen.nascar=(on green)
Allforone.ygf=40.00(on green)
The 4evergreens...and zeropricetags sites are the easiest and fastest crediting sites I have ever worked on and they have lots of cheap offers!
Aznfreestuff=20.00(on green)
Azngiftcards=20.00(on green)
Aznfreecash=20.00(on green)
Aznfreephones=20.00(on green)
Candy.ogf=20.00(on green)
Ipods.ogf=20.00(on green)
Xbox.ogf=20.00(on green)
College.ygf=20.00(on green)
Paypal.paypirate=20.00(on green)
40macrobucks=15.00(on green)
80macrobucks=30.00(on green)
I also have a few no credit card sites
Nocc.ogf=5.00(on green)
Aznnocc=5.00(on green)
Entertainment.free4everyone=5.00(on green)
I always pay instantly on green!!!!
I also am totally willing to help anybody that is new to learn to go GREEN FAST!! So please pm me if you would like to set up a trade and make some cash!!


08-08-2007 13:23:35

pmed u


08-08-2007 13:36:40

PM'd you too.


08-08-2007 13:54:12

Hi im about to PM you, please click on the link to my thread if you wanna know more.


08-08-2007 14:34:41

Hello! Check out my trading thread for all of my great deals )


08-08-2007 14:38:20

Hey I PM'd you about the sites I'm looking for green on, but you can also check out my trade thread link in my sig! 8)