Paying $28 for (Trainn best network)

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08-08-2007 12:21:27

Hi guys, I'm paying $28 per green on, to go green all you need to do is one offer.. If you have very low TR ill pay you half when your green and half when approved. The rest of the people that have good TR, ill pay the moment your green. If you have a really high TR im willing to pay you upfront if you ask me. I can help anyone through PM or my aim enan07
If you wanna do it, please PM asking me for the reference link.
If you go red ill need my money back.

The prizes you can get for this trainn site is $250 for 5 Refs (thats what im getting)
$250 Cash 5 referrals/
XBrite HS95P 6 referrals/ Dell 1907FPV 7 referrals/
Acer AL2016W 7 referrals/ Samsung 225BW 8 referrals/
Samsung 204B 8 referrals/ Dell 2007fpw 8 referrals.
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09-08-2007 13:39:11

Bump, I got over $350 in my paypal, waiting to pay you.


10-08-2007 09:07:17

Bump, i need one more person to join and go green for me. BTW, i got 5 TR about to be 6 TR when a Mod updates it on A4F, and 3 TR on FLR, and 1 TR here. So im not totally new.


14-08-2007 10:47:42

I still need 1 more. Please someone join and go green for me, i wanna finish this today.