who wants to DOUBLE their money??? $150 to be made today!

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08-08-2007 07:03:18

hi..i have lots of easy sites..including one that gives you a chance to double your pay!heres what i need..hope you can help.

cash.giftorb.$25 any trader to green this in next 5 days enters into a drawing, and one name will be picked and their pay will be doubled! so $50 for a very easy site!!!

also need..
cash.customorderthis $25
gifts.zeropricetags $25
addiction4everyone.collegelife $25

all very easy low cost sites..im paying above average to get these finished! hope to hear back from you soon!


09-08-2007 17:54:30

help me out here guys..this is a very easy site..chance at $50 for a 1 credit site!!!!