Freshmeat looking to dip into this

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08-08-2007 03:47:36
(this is what i need...if you can do it, please PM me.)

I'm not too sure which sites i'm looking to complete all the way through to get the prize so please pm me what sites you have and how we could trade possibly. being that i'm new, i'm kinda wary of being taken advantage of..=/

[b136b9d12e7]I believe I'm already doing the http// site. i just msged somebody about it but its not for sure yet. i bet thats a popular site, is anyone still capable of doing offers for it? [/b136b9d12e7]

also, educate me on another site you want me to go after. i'm sure some sites are better than others.

I'm a DIYer, never been a referrer type..heh.

Please be patient w/ me bc i need to organize out all the new information coming in so i dont accidently agree to a trade to a site that I already agreed w/ someone else with.

I really want to get referrals for that xbox site so if you can do that one, i would very much like to trade for that one.

EDIT is this a better site? http//

It looks as if everyone seems to be paying for greens. anyone looking to trade as well? =)

I am doing site. can anyone do that site, please PM me.


08-08-2007 04:55:25


I have sent you a message with some info.


08-08-2007 06:01:14

Sent you a PM!


08-08-2007 08:40:40

Replied to a bunch of PMs..ahhh. lol

I just learned that "instantly" isn't literal.


08-08-2007 14:21:30

You have offers, I have offers...lets go green for gree. =)


08-08-2007 16:03:27

First let me start with thanking you for reading my post, Thanks! If you would like to complete any of my offers please pm me. I am willing to work with anybody who actually intends to finish a trade once it is accepted. Newbies are more than welcome, I would love to work with each and every one of you.
Paypal.ogf=35.00(on green)
Something4nothing=35.00(on green)
Money.whypayitsfree=20.00(on green) lots & lots of cheap offers green)
cash.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
Gifts.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
giftcards.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
phones.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
4evergreen=20.00(on green)
4evergreen.nascar=(on green)
Allforone.ygf=40.00(on green)
The 4evergreens...and zeropricetags sites are the easiest and fastest crediting sites I have ever worked on and they have lots of cheap offers!
Aznfreestuff=20.00(on green)
Azngiftcards=20.00(on green)
Aznfreecash=20.00(on green)
Aznfreephones=20.00(on green)
Candy.ogf=20.00(on green)
Ipods.ogf=20.00(on green)
Xbox.ogf=20.00(on green)
College.ygf=20.00(on green)
Paypal.paypirate=20.00(on green)
40macrobucks=15.00(on green)
80macrobucks=30.00(on green)
I also have a few no credit card sites
Nocc.ogf=5.00(on green)
Aznnocc=5.00(on green)
Entertainment.free4everyone=5.00(on green)
I always pay instantly on green!!!!
I also am totally willing to help anybody that is new to learn to go GREEN FAST!! So please pm me if you would like to set up a trade and make some cash!!


08-08-2007 23:08:56

I'm looking more for trades than for cash. =)