$$~~ Paying $40 on Green for Easy 1 Credit Site ~~$$

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06-08-2007 06:30:38

[ba2304583b1]Reliable trader looking for help to complete a few sites!

I am offering high pay on 3 sites with Bonus's available for each site!

The 3 sites I have to offer are from a great company called v-bux. V-bux is one of the highest paying in the industry and always pays on time so once you complete these sites, you will have them as your own to promote!
Each of these sites are only ONE CREDIT to Green!

Here's my list of sites

Site 1. http//dell.v-bux.com[]http//dell.v-bux.com - $40 or $50 if complete in 24 hours
Site 2. http//sony.v-bux.com[]http//sony.v-bux.com - $40 or $50 if complete in 24 hours
Site 3. http//bose.v-bux.com[]http//bose.v-bux.com - $30 or $40 if complete in 24 hours[/sizea2304583b1][/colora2304583b1][/ba2304583b1]

[ba2304583b1][ua2304583b1]This is a total of $140 possible in one day![/colora2304583b1][/sizea2304583b1][/ua2304583b1][/ba2304583b1]

[ba2304583b1]Respond to this post and send me a PM for the referral links.[/sizea2304583b1][/colora2304583b1][/ba2304583b1]

[ba2304583b1]Remember, I pay on Green not on approval so that means once you have completed the site, you will be paid instantly![/sizea2304583b1][/colora2304583b1][/ba2304583b1]


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