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Newbies Welcome Contact me via AIM or yahoo or PM me here if you have any questions.

I`m also willing to run you through the process step by step so you do it correctly and get paid faster.So do not hesitate to PM me or contact me on AIM or Yahoo.I`m willing to do the extra work to get us both paid as quickly as possible.

I pay within 24hrs of you going green unless you`re new and we`ve never traded before,then I pay on approval.

If for any reason you should go red after receiving payment,you agree to reimburse me the entire payment.

[b3f335e785d]$45+$5 if green within 24hrs)1Credit Site$45+$5 bonus if green within 24hrs)1 Credit site

Both of these sites Payout Every Friday and you can do them over and over again and you only have to go green once.[/size3f335e785d][/color3f335e785d][/b3f335e785d]

[b3f335e785d]Post Here and PM me for referral link[/b3f335e785d][/color3f335e785d]

Again Contact me with any questions or concerns.Either PM me here or AIMCCCSubmission or Yahoosubmission1020.

Let`s make some money together.

A4F TR +8....FLR TR+3


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