Need a few good Offers.

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04-08-2007 18:24:04

Hello I'm looking to do an offer or two. Preferably easy site with good price. Also I would like to know how to work my way to a buyer on this program. So if there are any experts availible to coach I have time to listen.
Let me know thanks.


04-08-2007 18:29:15

will you do 360Elite4free? I will do a referral for you/pay you

PM me


04-08-2007 18:29:26

hey there.. just pm'ed ya lets do bi'ness ;)


04-08-2007 18:31:16

I need one more referral for yourfreevideoipods to take the place of someone who went red. I sent you a pm


04-08-2007 18:31:43

hello im pming you about a site im doing--terry


05-08-2007 02:18:16

Sending you a PM, ill help you get started.


05-08-2007 04:00:23

Hi! I have several sites you can get started with. Check out my trading thread below. I'll also PM you )


05-08-2007 06:07:39

So... I want to complete a few sites from the GiftMonster network. In my opinion, GiftMonster is easily one of the top freebie networks. Their payouts are great, support is super fast, and payout tme is easily one of the best. I've listed the sites below that I need greens for. I think what I am offering is more than fair. If you would like to go green for me, contact me and we will set up a trade. Serious interest only please. I don't like people that set up trades and never end up completing them.

LuxuryMonster $50
NotebookMonster $30
DesktopMonster $30
EliteMonster $40

In case you have trouble with math, that would be $150 for all 4...