Working on my last few refs. You get 75% of the earnings!!!!

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04-08-2007 11:40:44

Hey guys, I have been doing some offers for people, and have had like 3 trades, 1 on another site. Now Im looking to take those sites, and start getting refs for them since im now green on them. If you could please help me out, I need some refs on They pay $40 a ref, so Ill pay a little more than half of that to you. If you do an offer, ill pay $25, and if you go green within 24 hours, Ill pay you a $5 bonus. SO... Thats $30 a green for an easy site. Just complete 1 credit. Lots of half credit offers, and some full ones too. Check it out... If your interested pm me, and Ill set up the deal, and Ill give you the ref link as well. Thanks guys. Please pm me for the ref link.


04-08-2007 11:41:23

Also, I now have some good TR on other sites I can show you. I have +2 on FLR which is


04-08-2007 17:22:24

bump. C'mon guys, I need just 2 more refs. I have good TR, just ask for it.