Trying somthing New Take a look! $290 all for YOU!

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03-08-2007 10:07:58

Alright im going to try something I haven't seen on here if it is I didn't see it, if so sorry and I guess I am not as original as I originally thought lol.

[bfcb84ff12b]Heres what I am going to offer. I am doing yourfreeiphone's site for $580 bucks. If you sign up and go green here is what is going to happen Out of those people that go green for me I am going to pick ONE at random once it is approved and split this money right down the middle and give the person I choose $290 bucks right to your Paypal! The faster people sign up the faster one of you could be $290 richer! [/bfcb84ff12b][/sizefcb84ff12b]

This is not a joke scam or anything like the sort I am being completely serious. This is just a test to see if people like the idea. I'll only do it for a week then it will stop it if not successful. I have the status of this below so you can check back often to see how it is coming along. If you are interested please PM me and i'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking and have a great day!

http//[" alt=""/imgfcb84ff12b]


05-08-2007 21:06:58

bump me!


06-08-2007 19:34:15

bump it on up


09-08-2007 15:49:59

hmmm no takers gettin closer