Newbie ready to do some serious trades

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02-08-2007 22:11:09

Hey, I'm brand new but I've read everything and have a friend who used to do this so I understand the concept, hit me up with your offers, I have several hours a day to do this.


02-08-2007 22:14:38

Check my thread and tell me which ones you are interested. Thanks.



02-08-2007 22:14:48

PM Sent


02-08-2007 22:16:01

sent you a pm let me know thank you


02-08-2007 22:20:44

I replied to your PM. There's great info in there, including a Step By Step Guide to proper greening. Let me know when you get the PM. Thanks! )


02-08-2007 22:33:43

hello and welcome im sending a pm on a site im doing..hope to hear from you soon..terry


03-08-2007 02:06:00

Sending you a PM


03-08-2007 02:42:15

Welcome! I have several trades going on. Check out my trading thread. I will PM you also. )


03-08-2007 04:02:59


I have sent you a message with some helpful links and EZ sites to get your feet wet!

I would love to work with you!


05-08-2007 17:18:37

Are you still looking to do trades? Take a look at my thread (click on my profile) I would love for you to do anyone of these.
P.M. me if Interested


05-08-2007 17:49:03

i just sent you a pm

sandra habina

07-08-2007 10:09:34

Hello - PM sent with trade info.


07-08-2007 10:31:04

PM sent with info on trades! )


07-08-2007 11:07:04

Welcome to the site.

PM has been sent with offers....


07-08-2007 11:29:43

welcome and good luck with everything. I have one site I need a green for you. its the easiest site ive done for a green so far. I PMed you with the details



07-08-2007 11:34:33

pomed u


07-08-2007 12:08:22

Hey! Check out my trading thread http//

I'm working on a v-bux site and they are really a great network!! They pay you $100/referral so if you are thinking ahead, this is a great one to get into cuz then you get a lot of $$ for every referral you get when you start getting referrals!!

Hope to hear from you! And WELCOME!!



07-08-2007 12:57:21

So... I want to complete a few sites from the GiftMonster nework. In my opinion, GiftMonster is easily one of the top freebie networks. Their payouts are great, support is super fast, and payout tme is easily one of the best. I've listed the sites below that I need greens for. I think what I am offering is more than fair. If you would like to go green for me, contact me and we will set up a trade. Serious interest only please. I don't like people that set up trades and never end up completing them.

LuxuryMonster $50
NotebookMonster $30
DesktopMonster $30
EliteMonster $40

In case you have trouble with math, that would be $150 for all 4...



07-08-2007 15:38:56

First let me start with thanking you for reading my post, Thanks! If you would like to complete any of my offers please pm me. I am willing to work with anybody who actually intends to finish a trade once it is accepted. Newbies are more than welcome, I would love to work with each and every one of you!!
Paypal.ogf=35.00(on green)
Something4nothing=35.00(on green)
Money.whypayitsfree=20.00(on green) lots & lots of cheap offers green)
cash.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
Gifts.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
giftcards.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
phones.zeropricetags=20.00(on green)
4evergreen=20.00(on green)
4evergreen.nascar=(on green)
Allforone.ygf=40.00(on green)
The 4evergreens...and zeropricetags sites are the easiest and fastest crediting sites I have ever worked on and they have lots of cheap offers!
Aznfreestuff=20.00(on green)
Azngiftcards=20.00(on green)
Aznfreecash=20.00(on green)
Aznfreephones=20.00(on green)
Candy.ogf=20.00(on green)
Ipods.ogf=20.00(on green)
Xbox.ogf=20.00(on green)
College.ygf=20.00(on green)
Paypal.paypirate=20.00(on green)
40macrobucks=15.00(on green)
80macrobucks=30.00(on green)
I also have a few no credit card sites
Nocc.ogf=5.00(on green)
Aznnocc=5.00(on green)
Entertainment.free4everyone=5.00(on green)
I always pay instantly on green!!!!
I also am totally willing to help anybody that is new to learn to go GREEN FAST!! So please pm me if you would like to set up a trade and make some cash!!


07-08-2007 16:18:33

Hello. Sent you a PM with an offer.