Offering $20 For Referrals!!! Also Willing To Trade

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02-08-2007 14:10:03

Hey, I need a lot od referrals so i am offering $20 for just one referral!!!
I am also willing to trade referrals, just ask.

PM me for my referral link

Once i get the green full activation from you i willing send your money within 24hours
Remember to include your email in this thread so i know who to give the money to



02-08-2007 16:48:54

$20 is alot of money for 5 minutes of work. PLEASE HELP!!!
Also with trading referrals YOU benifit too


03-08-2007 12:18:38

Ive raised the price. I am now offering $30!!!!!!!!!!!

Pm me


04-08-2007 16:09:12



04-08-2007 20:13:51

this guy tried contacting me via aim, claiming that he was a respected trader, lots of posts. checked him out 0 on both fronts. insisted that i do referrals for him, claimed he went green for me never even went yellow.
He even tried to convince my finance to do a referral while i was at work, blocked him from my aim..

---- this person is a scammer---- DO NOT deal when you have to go green first, be smart and cautious... as a newb im espec. pissed at his attempts


04-08-2007 20:44:36

Oh, i remember you, we made a deal and you didnt keep your end so i cancelled the offer. whats soo scammerish about that.

Also it isnt considered scamming when you dont do anything for me even though you said you would

Scamming is when you go green and i dont go green back or dont pay you, that never happened

ALso i never said id done this a lot i said i was a noob