$222 for 5 easy sites!

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31-07-2007 22:56:33

That's right! I'm paying liwayli too much money for the next couple of weeks.[/sizea7be0c356b][/colora7be0c356b]

I am ONLY paying on approval (bad experiences getting scammed), however, the sites I have chosen pay out quite often. As soon as I get paid, so do you!
I am paying big because my goal right now is to raise my TR. Once it's up high enough, I won't have to pay exorbitant amounts. Until then, your gain![/sizea7be0c356b]
So. Here are my sites. PM me for more information and links.[/sizea7be0c356b]
allforone.yourgiftsfree - $70

customorderthis - $30

cash.free4every1 - $12 (No Credit Card!)

apple.v-bux - $55

bose.v-bux - $55[/sizea7be0c356b][/colora7be0c356b]