$22, $25, and $40 for very easy sites!!!!

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Hello Everyone

When I first started this business I was very skeptical, but completing offers has built up my paypal account enormously and I'm ready to pay for MY greens!!!!

The first paypal payment I received was something very exciting and I couldn't believe I made money so quick, so let me be the one who puts that FIRST payment in your account and a big old smile in your face. If you already started building your profits let me add to your happiness.

I am offering $22 on green for the following sites


$25 for
flashiPods4free ONLY ONE offer and you go green!!!!!!!

$40 for

My backyard.Git-R-Free

They all have lots of offers and require only one credit, except for backyardgit-r-free which requires 2. They are very easy for beginners, They were one of my first ones. Reply to this thread or pm me.

Thank you and go make lots of money!!!!


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PM me flashiPods4free


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