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31-07-2007 16:29:53

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Ok guys, I found out about this site above, a few days ago. I had "justblaze" sign up under me, and me and him are like the first to know about this, so please sign up under both of our link, dont favor one vs the other. But anyways, heres how the site works. Its quite simple actually. WHat you do is click on the above link, after that you can read the whole thing or just scrool down till you see make payment of $5 or whatever. You will need paypal for this. You pay $5, then once done, you will be forwarded to a page with info, in that info, the site gives you a link. Now you have your own personal link... You give this link to people and when they sign up and pay $5, you get 100% comission, which means you get $5. This is quick money, and Ive made $20 now within a week. You gys will love this site. After signing up, post below, saying " I signed up" and then If you want you can put your ref link, and maybe you'll get some money too. But if not, make your own thread with your link, and your guarenteed to bring in some money. SO again, the link is

[i557a475f2e](reflink removed)[/i557a475f2e]


31-07-2007 16:38:40

Referral links are not allowed!


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[quote0a88a1b9ab="darock76"]Referral links are not allowed![/quote0a88a1b9ab]

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