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31-07-2007 12:57:58

Would you like to be 100% sure that the offer you complete actually makes you go green?

Would you like to be guaranteed to be paid the same day that you go green?

Would you like to earn $50 going green on a site that costs 5-10 dollars to go green on?

Would you like to make $20 more profit than me on the site going green?

Then you will want to go green for EliteMonster.net. All of the offers credit instantly and all 7 of the referrals I sent there went green! Not a single one had crediting problems! GiftMonster does not have the crediting problems that other sites are currently having and it really shows. They pay $80 per referral, and I will pay you 50 of those dollars! [u47374d02d6]Nobody on this forum is paying as much as I am, and you find someone that is, I will match their price plus $5.[/u47374d02d6][/color47374d02d6]

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[img="47374d02d6]http/" alt=""/img385.imageshack.us/img="385/2416/untitled1op6.png[" alt=""/img47374d02d6]


Be Sure To Delete Your Cookies Between Completing Offers[/size47374d02d6]

[color=brown47374d02d6]Good Luck[/color47374d02d6]


02-08-2007 20:08:52

New sites
Rocket Bill - you earn $35 - i earn $25
elite monster - you earn $45 - i earn $35


02-08-2007 20:35:21

Very interested in Going Green for you.

Please PM me.



03-08-2007 09:39:39

Daily bumper


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