Make $7 and get a free Pre-Paid Debit Card!!!

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30-07-2007 12:15:54

[bec9b27c8d7]All you need is a email address and a Cell phone number to qualify for Obopay. Just like Paypal, but with Mobile Phone access in addition to online access. Comes with a Free prepaid debit MasterCard. Use your Obopay card for all your offers!

1. You get a free PrePaid Debit MasterCard with $5 on it. Just for signing up.

2. When you signup using my invite, I'll send you an additional $2 to your new Obopay Card! $7 total for FREE!!!

PM me with your Email address and I'll send you an invite. There are no offers to complete, and it is absolutely Free. Nothing to Lose!![/bec9b27c8d7][/colorec9b27c8d7]