Need 1 more for zeropricetags $20 on GREEN ($25 in 24 hours)

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30-07-2007 00:02:58

I am looking to finish up This is a great site for new people because the offers are easy and the crediting is very good.

I am looking for one last person to do this site for $20 on green or for $25 if you green in 24 hours.

I am available for online support via pm's or on aim. Please send me a pm if you are interested. I look forward to working with you.

-John Case


30-07-2007 10:44:11

I had a guy that went green but then went red. ( I still need one last person. Pm me! D


31-07-2007 08:09:41

Still need one more person. I can help you through the process if you are new. This site credit fast so you will have your money today!