Trading/Paying for refs

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28-07-2007 08:47:21

I need lots of refs for TRAINN's

Paying $30 Paypal, or trading. I can do a ton of sites... obviously no old Freepay or OC ones, and no old TRAINN sites either unless they've changed their rules about repeats. I last finished a site over a year ago, so that should give you an idea about what I can and can't do.

As you can see, I've been a reputable member here for a long time. I stopped doing sites for a while and now I want an iphone, so here I am.

PM me or send me an IM, but be ready to verify your forum identity via PM. Please note that I am not actually banned, it's just an avatar.


28-07-2007 14:03:37

pm sent


28-07-2007 14:15:06

PM sent


28-07-2007 15:50:40

Gone, thanks!


28-07-2007 15:59:24

Edited thread title and content to reflect the fact that I am now trading and paying for refs for this site!


30-07-2007 12:28:38

Bump... trading and paying!


30-07-2007 13:29:17

How about a trade for radio.123stuffforfree ?


30-07-2007 13:40:25

I can do that site... PM me or msg me on AIM and let me know what kind of offers they have...


01-08-2007 09:52:12

bump, need 4 more! trading and paying!


01-08-2007 22:15:24