paying $26 for yourfreeflatscreen. Full credit w/one easy

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27-07-2007 16:10:18


Grade A freebie network, one of the best one around.

Unlike most sites now, you can still do Transcendent Innovations site with one easy offer for a full credit. Furthermore, a lot of the offers credit instantly (if not, daily).

I'm paying $26 on green or $28 on approval (wait 3-5 business days). Paypal verified.


27-07-2007 17:34:41

Hey I sent you a pm


28-07-2007 13:23:51

I'm working on a new site

I'm paying $20 (on green) or $22 (upon approval) for
I am paypal verified.

1. [i595fdf81dc]Your name could be here![/i595fdf81dc]
2. [i595fdf81dc]Your name could be here![/i595fdf81dc]
3. [i595fdf81dc]Your name could be here![/i595fdf81dc]

Send me a PM if interested.