!!INSTANT PAY!! on GREEN! (Full Support) EASY $125 w/ BONUS!

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NEW? WANT CASH ASAP?[/color47777c1017]

What I offer
1. Computers.ordergiftsfree.com ->>>> $65
2. Paypal.ordergiftsfree.com ->>>>>>> $40
3. Paypal.wish4free.com ->>>>>>>>>> $20
Total = $125[/size47777c1017]

The Bonuses
1. $10 extra if you finish all 3 sites
2. $15 extra if you finish all 3 sites and finish within 48 hrs. (Time begins when we initiate the trade)
Grand Total(w/ bonus #2) [/size47777c1017]= $140[/color47777c1017]

I will provide FULL ASSISTANCE

1. AOL[/color47777c1017], MSN[/color47777c1017], or YAHOO[/color47777c1017] messenger (chat or voice)
2. Phone (Verizon Network or after 9pm EST only please )

liPlease PM me with either your phone # or screen name for either of the aol, msn, yahoo or you can communicate through this forum if you wish.

liContact me if you have any questions at all

Getting Started
1. Paypal Account (this is a free service)
2. Bank Account (to work with your paypal, I require you have your bank account verified with paypal this will help you in the future also)
3. Credit Card (most IFW sites no longer accept prepaid VISA cards)

liIF you have these 3 things than you are ready to get started.

OK… now that we have covered the informational part all you need to do now is to PM me or press the POST REPLY button and write “show me the money!!!!!!”[/color47777c1017]


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