$$$ Want some quick MONEY or need a FAST GREEN?

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26-07-2007 06:15:48

Hello, I am currently working on cash.zeropricetags.com and need a few more referrals. Most people pay $20 dollars for this site but I am going to pay a ridiculous $26 if you can green for me within 48hrs.
Also, we're here to help eachother out right? So if you also have an easy site with great offers, feel free to PM me and we can go GREEN for GREEN.
Please post here if your interested!!!! THANKS!


26-07-2007 08:44:55

if u don't have an obopay account get one free. it's sort of like paypal and the give u five bucks just for joining. I know it ain't much but u also get 5 dollars per referral u get. pm and leave email if interested


27-07-2007 06:19:52