Looking to do yourfreeiphone.com - send me your cash offers

Live forum: http://forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=67220


25-07-2007 20:13:05

Title says it all.
I want to complete an offer on this site so that I can hopefully complete it and get me that phone!!!
Send me your best CASH offers. No trading at this time


25-07-2007 20:24:00

$20 for yourfreeiphone cuz its 1 credit = 1 full ref, also looking for someone to do sony.v-bux for $45-50, reply asap


25-07-2007 20:54:13

I sent you a pm. I will pay $25 on green for yourfreeiphone


25-07-2007 21:55:21

Just so folks know whether or not they should PM me...
The current high offer is $35. Anything below that will not be considered.
I plan on joining the iphone site probably tomorrow afternoon or evening.


26-07-2007 11:33:53

Last call!
Current high offer is $35
I will consider any offers over $35 until 8pm Central Time.