GREAT news for ALL!!! ez 1 cred site GREAT for newbies

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25-07-2007 16:06:56

hey everybody D.. its me again.. and guess what.... i am FINALLY able to pay on GREEN again!!! (daddy so happy).. the site is... i am paypal verified and paying 20 dollars on green for this site.. newbies are always welcome as i love helping them get started.. the site is excellent for beginners.. many low cost and 1.00 offers to choose from with great creditting and support.. i can help you in ANY way you need throughout the trade.. i have had to take a small hiatus from trading for a few weex and have missed it very much and am very anxious to get back into it.. so come on and lets make some money and have fun everybody D

Shawn G.


26-07-2007 13:41:04

bumpin up D


30-07-2007 11:11:23

bump.. last ref still needed


31-07-2007 09:50:22

bump.. still looking


31-07-2007 10:00:41

can you send me an offer list?


02-08-2007 13:34:33

bump.. redoin the site.. and yes jay i sure will.. didnt catch that post.. sorry oops


03-08-2007 19:27:31

still lookin yall D


04-08-2007 12:35:48

site still open.. get in quick D


05-08-2007 13:20:47