I will MATCH any offer you get PLUS $5 to go green for me

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25-07-2007 15:05:08

I am willing to match any offer that you receive for my 2 sites PLUS will add $5[/size942ea35c2b] to it. All you have to do is show me the thread where the higher priced trade was offered. I am paying on approval since I am new to this but I am only doing 3 referrals on each site. So it should be fast.

http//AllForOne.YourGiftsFree.com/?id=20791 - Paying $45 for green (on approval)

http//computers.ordergiftsfree.com/?referral=19604 - Paying $55 for green (on approval)

Complete both my trades and i'll pay you a $10 bonus for a total of $110
Or even more if you have a higher trade offer that I will match PLUS $5.

I must approve the price match before the trade begins.

You must go green within 7 days or contact me with the reason you have not, or the trade will be considered canceled.

[/size942ea35c2b]PM Me when you are ready to make some $$$[/size942ea35c2b]

Thanks for your time


25-07-2007 15:11:09

Hey, Sending you a PM as we speak! ) I'd love to help walk you thru your first few trades! )


25-07-2007 15:24:49

Feel free to ask any questios via PM, YIM ...

sandra habina

25-07-2007 15:43:36

Re-read the rules and guidelines dear and the help forum has alot of good Q & A - also pay attention to the stickys! found at the top of forum pages. I will do my best to answer your questions and help you get started making money and TR's. My TR=481



25-07-2007 16:02:32

hello ).. just sent you a PM.. would love to work with you.. just let me know



25-07-2007 18:57:20

sent you a pm )


25-07-2007 19:06:00

Hi i sent you a pm, with my aim name on it, so we can communicate better.


25-07-2007 19:33:05

i have two great sites for you..one of them is $26 and 1 credit and the 2nd one is $20 and 1 credit but you only need to do 1 OFFER which comes WITHIN MINUTES. please let me know if you are interested. I will help you every step of the way.
Thank you

yahoo and msn(djeumoe)


25-07-2007 20:30:40


I can help you get started fast. If interested PM me.


26-07-2007 01:07:05


I'm also new and looking to get started!! Anyone who wants to help me out too, send me a PM! I'm going to bed now but I will be available tomorrow evening!

Hope to hear from a few people soon! Let's make money! D


26-07-2007 02:46:23

sent you a pm!


26-07-2007 03:21:31

Welcome! Will send you a PM with all of my info. I can help you get started. )


26-07-2007 06:44:39

Sent you a pm )


26-07-2007 08:09:00


I have sent you a message with some great info and EZ sites to start!!
I hope to work with you!


26-07-2007 11:09:55

sending u a pm.....


26-07-2007 20:44:06



28-07-2007 07:06:12

Any one interested? I'll be on later tonight