4 sites paying $15-$20 on green $5 bonus if you do all 4 :)

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25-07-2007 13:54:36

Hello I am currently working on Paypal.2dollardeal.com $20/ Paintball.123stuffforfree$20/Games.123stuffforfree$20/ and Earngiftsfree.com-CASH $15. I have had a few people go red on me on these sites. So if that happens again, I will require you to pay me the $$ back asap please. O therwise I am paying on green once you turn green for me. I am also offering a $5 bonus if you choose to do all 4 sites for me. When you pm me, please let me know what sites you are doing. Thanks, ) WELCOME BABY VICTOR DANIEL SWANN 8LBS. 60Z 7/1/07, )


30-07-2007 15:13:33

it's a bumpy road out there, )


31-07-2007 16:54:55



01-08-2007 19:27:43

Hey guys. I will pay upfront on these sites. If you can help , please pm me asap, thanks, )