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25-07-2007 10:28:17


I was new at this not that long ago and these sites are the ones that gave me my start. The offers are easy and the credits come quickly. Now I want to pass this opportunity on to new users who are just getting into this biz.[/bfe99f6772b]

[bfe99f6772b]Deal #1 $50 for 3 credit (most offers are 1/2 to 1 credit)
Deal #2 $20 for 1 credit (most offers are 1/2 credit) [ife99f6772b]liVery Easyli[/ife99f6772b][/bfe99f6772b]

[bfe99f6772b]I will pay on approval via Paypal. Contact me either via PM or email= me at email=dirk.delor@gmail.comdirk.delor@gmail.com me at email=dirk.delor@gmail.comdirk.delor@gmail.com/email for details.

Work with a trader you can trust and who is very newbie friendly. I remember how hard it was to get started in this and I am more than happy to help anyone through the process and share the tips that were given to me. I want anyone who works at this to be successful. [/bfe99f6772b]