Paying Top Dollar for Referrals

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25-07-2007 05:04:06

I am paying top dollar for my referrals. You will make more money than I do on all of these sites! I do pay on approval because of the increase of fraud. (I know from personal experience. I was scammed my first 3 sites I went green on.) So trade with someone you can trust. I will also keep this thread updated so you not left wondering.

1. Post here you are interested.
2. I will post the link in the Trade Manager
3. Sign up
4. Complete offers

I am available most of the time on aim. My aim is fundipp73.

Sites I'm currently working on
$65 http// (0/1)
$50 http// (0/2)
$65 http// (0/1)
$40 http// (0/2) (complete this site over and over again) Great site for newbies!

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25-07-2007 06:10:05

Might want to get your TR up a little more you'll have much more success getting people to sign up. Don't mean to offend but its the truth. ?


26-07-2007 05:58:24

I don't think its rude, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. It's why I choose prizes with the least number of referrals. If anyone signed up for the sites with just 1 referral I can submit for approval as soon as they go green. You didn't offend me at all. 8)