I Want To Go Green On BigScreens.Git-R-Free!!!

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25-07-2007 00:59:28

Hello, I am looking to go green on bigscreens.git-r-free.com...I will accept whoever is willing to pay me the most, so just PM me AND post your offer here please. If you would rather trade for greens, I will do BigScreens in exchange for you going green on 3 of my 1 credit sites, or 1 of my 2 credit sites and 1 of my 1 credit sites, PM me for more details on which sites I need done. If you have a lower TR, I will go by normal rules and expect to be paid up front. If your TR is higher, than I would like to be paid on green, not approval please. I will end the bidding on Sunday night, maybe even earlier depending on what kind of offers I get. Thanks.


26-07-2007 01:46:49

Still lookin...