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24-07-2007 17:53:27

hey guys, im new to the board, and anxious to get started trading. However i have a bit of a problem. my paypal account is locked, because my brother messed up and blamed me for association. so i created another account. but cant add my bank account, because its on the account that got blocked. so im stuck with an account with no bank account. and if i get a new bank account, how do i know paypal wont block em again. exactly i dont. so basically im asking what other options do i have, do people offer different payment methods? thanks for the help guys.


ok, so i got that figured out, expecting a payout tomm, we'll see hoe that goes
but i tried a site for a friend, and found it difficult because my card was declined several times, i use a debit card, and from what ive heard people use them with no problem what could i be doing wrong?


24-07-2007 21:17:42

theres obopay


25-07-2007 02:49:59

Try to get a new paypal account as well.


25-07-2007 02:51:50

i made a a new account, but cant do anything with it really, becuase all of my info is on the locked acct, and cant use it twice.=/


25-07-2007 06:14:12

sent you a pm on options