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24-07-2007 04:18:52

green for you


24-07-2007 04:48:19

Welcome! Have sent you a message!


24-07-2007 06:52:20

Hey there! Sent you a PM! I'd love to trade with you! ;)


24-07-2007 06:55:17

Some offers sent to you. Check them out.


24-07-2007 06:57:14

pm'd you about and


24-07-2007 07:11:06

sent you a message )


24-07-2007 07:23:42

Welcome! Sent you a PM with info - check out my trading thread )


24-07-2007 08:54:11

[bb08fd5413a]Hello and welcome![/sizeb08fd5413a][/bb08fd5413a]

I am very newbie friendly and will give step by step instructions if needed. Also, tips on[/colorb08fd5413a] Going Green![/colorb08fd5413a]

I have many sites available to choose from and I pay generously[/colorb08fd5413a] ON GREEN![/colorb08fd5413a]

Below are two sites I am working on now[/colorb08fd5413a]

[listb08fd5413a][/colorb08fd5413a]--Paying $40[/colorb08fd5413a][/colorb08fd5413a]--Paying $40[/colorb08fd5413a][/listub08fd5413a]

These two sites require 1 credit and have many offers![/colorb08fd5413a]
I will also give a $5.00 bonus for completeing in 24 hrs.![/colorb08fd5413a]

[listb08fd5413a][/colorb08fd5413a]--Paying $25[/colorb08fd5413a][/listub08fd5413a]

PM me if interested and I'll set it up![/colorb08fd5413a]

[bb08fd5413a]I have a few easy terms that you need read before you sign up[/bb08fd5413a]

[listb08fd5413a]Communication is a must!

If no communication for 5 days, I will cancel the trade.

If you go RED, I expect a refund via Paypal immediately![/colorb08fd5413a]

I am an honest trader and I expect the same with whomever I trade with. Let's make this business a great and profitable one! I am on FLR,Fipg. A4f, and RS. My low TR on some forums doesn't reflect my integrity or my trade experience.

You can also reach me via Yahoo IM kitkat_46052

Thanks so much for considering a trade with me![/colorb08fd5413a][/listub08fd5413a]



24-07-2007 09:30:40

PM'd you )


24-07-2007 13:16:47

PMing you with details...

sandra habina

24-07-2007 22:39:50

Welcome, best advice I can give you is to re-read the rules and guidelines and check out the stickys! at the top of forum pages and look through the Help Forum - it has great Q & A. AND I will be glad to answer your questions and guide you the best that I can. I look forward to hearing from you. And if you are ready - then hopefully we can work together. My TR=480
Good luck and Happy Trading dear.


25-07-2007 03:45:28



25-07-2007 04:29:39

I can offer you $25 for GREEN's on any of the below one credit sites

PayPal.Wish4Free - $25 for GREEN
Cash.ZeroPricetags - $25 for GREEN
Plasmas.CustomOrderThis - $25 for GREEN
NFL.GetStuff4Free - $25 for GREEN

Let me know... 8)


25-07-2007 06:24:31


$23 YourFeeiPhone
$20 PoloMonster
$20 Cash.EarnGiftsFree
$35 AllForOne.YourGiftsFree

$5 bonus for multiple greens.

Let me know...


25-07-2007 06:53:20

Hi and welcome to FIPG! Below is a link to my trade thread. I have many easy starter sites and lots of information for newbies in there. Be sure to check it out. Thanks for looking and lots of luck in the freebie world!

My Trade Thread!)[=http//]My Trade Thread!)