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23-07-2007 14:31:17

Hello fellow traders. I here are my sites I am working on. If you don't like my prices...maybe we can talk about it and come to an agreement. I am very flexible with everyone......So, check it out and see if you want to get something going.

These two are by far the easiest sites to do if you are new, I highly recomne of these two first to get your feet wet and see how things work. I will pay $20 on green for either one.



And here are more that are fairly easy

money.123StuffForFree.com Pays $20 on green

candy.ordergiftsfree.com Pays $20 on green

money.whypayitsfree.com Pays $25 on green

YourFreeiPhone.com $25 on green

home.hotgifts4you.com $20 on green


nocreditcard.ordergiftsfree.com $5 on green

computers.ordergiftsfree.com $60 on green, tough 3 credit site.

iphone.123StuffForFree.com $20 on green

AllForOne.YourGiftsFree.com $50 on green

If you think you would be interested in working with me, let me know before signing up at any of these sites. Anyway, whatever you choose, good luck trading. CrazyKat.

PS If you are new to trading, I can help you out until you feel comfortable enough to do this on your own. I have MSN and Yahoo messenger.

Golden Rules to trade by Never ever complete the same offer twice, always clear your cookies before registering at a site and doing an offer, donít use AOL to do offers, and any red (fraudulent activity) means the trade is over.


24-07-2007 15:09:03

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25-07-2007 14:51:54

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26-07-2007 17:12:31



04-08-2007 06:53:28

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