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23-07-2007 08:54:49

[b98ff60f5ac]Hey everyone! First off, thanks for checking out my postÖ I donít think youíll be disappointed! [/b98ff60f5ac]

Iíve got a list of [b98ff60f5ac]SUPER EASY [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]sites that I need [b98ff60f5ac]GREENS[/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac] on asap! These are truly NEWBIE friendly, for they all have lots of offers and most of the offers are [b98ff60f5ac]FREE[/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac], and a lot are only $1 (refundable). Only 1 Credit needed on all of them (except for the 80dollars one)!

Here are the following [b98ff60f5ac]SITES [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]that I need [b98ff60f5ac]GREENS [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]on (I will update it as needed)

[b98ff60f5ac]80dollars.allfreebieworld ($35)
Laptops.allfreebieworld ($20)
360elite.allfreebieworld ($20)
PS3.allfreebieworld ($20)

Cash.zeropricetags ($20)

Giftcards.ZeroPricetags ($20)

Home.hotgifts4you ($20)

Cashrewards.git-r-free ($20)

LookAtMeImFree ($20) [/b98ff60f5ac][/size98ff60f5ac]

[b98ff60f5ac]SPEEDY TRADER BONUS [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]Ė Add $2 for completing within 3 hours
[b98ff60f5ac]LOYAL TRADER BONUS [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]Ė Add $5 for completing 5 offers; $7 for 7; $10 for all 9

[b98ff60f5ac]Why trade with me, when there are so many people out there paying on Green too??? [/b98ff60f5ac][/size98ff60f5ac]

-I will give 24 hour AIM support (screen name = JustinBird82) with STEP by STEP aid/instruction from the beginning (setting up the trade agreement) to the end (you get paid!)
-I have over 4 TR, so any NEWBIES out there looking to not only make money, but to gain TR so they also can get referrals, you will get 1 TR from me for every 1 Trade completed + Karma!
-Quite frankly, I consider myself extremely competent and extremely efficient. Iím loyal and honest, and when I have any trade agreement, I donít do anything else until my part is fulfilled!
-Iíve been a seller on eBay for years with a perfect record (look me up if you want samrwr9) and Iím experienced at this whole online market.
-I will back you up in all of your future posts for referrals and remain loyal to you if the transaction goes well (itís good to have friends on these forums!)

[b98ff60f5ac]INTERESTED[/b98ff60f5ac][/size98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac]? Make sure to Post Here first, then you can PM me, or I will respond to your post and PM you! Then we can work out our Trade Agreements!

[b98ff60f5ac]REMEMBER[/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac][/size98ff60f5ac] [b98ff60f5ac]Clear all COOKIES and TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES before and after completing each offer!!! Also, it helps to temporarily set your INTERNET SECURITY option to LOW. On top of that, don't use a proxy (i.e. AOL, Mozilla, etc) to sign up for these offers... it won't credit! [/b98ff60f5ac]

Don't know how to do all this??? That's fine, as I said above, I will help you [b98ff60f5ac]EVERY STEP [/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac][/size98ff60f5ac]of the WAY! Help me, help you... to make listart hispanic accentli "A Thoussand Dollas Cash Mooooney!"

Again, thank you all for looking, and I canít wait to make easy [b98ff60f5ac]CA$H[/b98ff60f5ac][/color98ff60f5ac] with you all in the near and far future!


24-07-2007 10:19:13

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25-07-2007 09:04:04

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27-07-2007 10:38:20

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