looking to get back into the scene...computers.ordergiftsfre

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22-07-2007 14:39:05

I am looking to get back into the freebie circuit, and I am available to most new sites. I am looking to begin with computers.ordergiftsfree.com, from what I have seen, the going rate is $70+, so we will start the bidding at that. Also, I am available to do other sites, but for now I am only accepting offers of $50+. Please do not offer me anything less, or I will report it as spam. As always, regular trading rules are in effect. If I have lower TR, I will go first, if you have lower TR, you go first. No exceptions, and please do not clog my PM box if you do not agree to this.

computers.ordergiftsfree.com - luvrowy - $80
apple v-bux - luvrowy - $50
Paypal.Ordergiftsfree.com - phenom212 - $50
Primodinero.LCDTV - phenom212 - $50
Dell.V-bux.com - phenom212 - $50
Sony.V-bux.com - phenom212 - $50
Allforone.YGF - phenom212 - $52

Bidding tentatively ends tuesday afternoon, if you are winning monday night, I will be in touch with you for your link. Obviously, I can't do all these sites at one time, because it is too many offers, so likely the highest $/offer ratio will get my priority.


22-07-2007 15:19:08

I think your a bit high
im only paying $60 for that one
and that's 1/2 what I get
I expect everyone elce is offering the same
except for the odd desprit person
but im not one of them


22-07-2007 15:24:33

[quote7cdebd7d85="amartin99"]I think your a bit high
im only paying $60 for that one
and that's 1/2 what I get
I expect everyone elce is offering the same
except for the odd desprit person
but im not one of them[/quote7cdebd7d85]

Thanks for the threadcrap that I specifically mentioned that I was not looking for. Plenty of people here are offering more than what I asked for, and I have received a couple of offers to that extent. To teach you some logic, the fact that you are paying less, does not mean that everyone is paying less. This is a free board, and you can offer as much or as little as you want, and as long as someone will take your offer, good for you, but please offer your advice/offers to someone that wants it or needs it. I assure you I do not fall into either category. I have been in the freebie game since the beginning, and I do not need advice from you.


22-07-2007 15:36:43

i wont pm you, as im sure your pm box is full up..but..$80 on comps.ordergifts..paying when shoes.ordergifts pays me!within a few days ..hopefully..also apple v-bux $50..same offer as above.


22-07-2007 15:37:43

Pleas calm down a bit
I meant no offence
I was just saying what’s on my mind
sometimes I don't know when to shut up
but I think you’re a bit high and I felt like saying so
I did not mean to be pooping on your thread
would not have even thought of it that way if you had not complained
I simply think you are high
And im a guy who likes to say what I am thinking
I try to be polite
And if I offended you that was not my intent and I apologize
But as you say it is a free forum
You posted and I replied


22-07-2007 15:45:13

I am paying $60.00 on bigscreens.git-r-free.com if you are interested let me know thanks.


23-07-2007 15:33:08

daily bump...1 day left


24-07-2007 20:39:52

Auction is over...I will review offers in the next couple of days and contact winners.


24-07-2007 21:36:41

Hopefully you added my offers b4 time ran put...I PM'd you with them