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21-07-2007 11:48:07

As a well respected trader and knowledgeable helpper of folks in the Freebie industry. As well as someone who is deep into the industry with connections on every side of the game, I want to welcome myself, and the mania to FIPG.

Nice Digs around here, im almost embarrassed that I didnt find this place sooner than now. I follow rules and play nice, and I make alot of money for traders who figure out that trading with me is safe, fun, and profitable.

While there are bad people in this industry and folks will try and say that the only deterrant is TR, im here to tell ya that I can screen shot my paypal and let you see the upwards of fifty trades i have already completed. Some here some there, and some via yahoo im. Many here know me and a friendly hello to ease the fears of the admins and others here about me would be appreciated.

Now let me say im looking to get a person started with one qucik twenty dollar one credit site. Becoming part of the mania will allow you to chew bubble gum and kick butt! Even if your all out of bubble gum!

Come get twenty quick and become a member of the most powerfull force in the universe!