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Captain All That

20-07-2007 22:16:57

As you can see, my trade record is low but that hasn't stopped me from earning over $20K for myself and teaching friends how to do the same... they've collected over $40K combined...

I know what companies to work with, what offers to do and how to keep the money train rolling.

After talking to the few of the referral pro's I'm finding trades I made years ago to be an untapped resource. So the beast has been reawakened.

I'm trading for Greens - Either Green for Green... orrrrrrrrrrrrrrr My help turning $30 to $500 via a DIY Site. The stuff I'm going to show you is common sense but I take the guess work out of it.

Turn $30 to $500!!![/color0630f1003d] Are you hearing me?[/size0630f1003d]

I need refs for

I know you need greens too... and I know you want to learn how to turn $30 into $500. PM a brotha and let's do this!