New site, free offers only!!! Will you help me out?

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20-07-2007 11:30:05

I have found a site called Xpango that uses credits. You can get one credit for referring someone to sign up and complete any free offer!

What I'm trying to do is refer 13 people to sign up under my referral number.

All you need to do is sign up, and do a free offer, then you can work on getting your own iPod, Cell phone, or Gaming System.

I'm sorry, I'm not offering any money, but all you have to do is sign up, it's pretty easy!

PM me for my referral link

Here's the site

Also, we could trade free offers for this. You do mine, I do any of your free offer sites you want.


20-07-2007 11:42:46

Good luck with that considering everyone on this sites pay people to do free offers anyways. Also I would remove your referral link before you get banned. Good Luck


20-07-2007 12:07:21

Am I allowed to have my number there?


20-07-2007 12:10:44

Sorry you're not supposed to placed referral links in your post.


20-07-2007 13:57:37

Most of the offers there aren't free, so no, this site would NOT be considered a non-CC site... And the amount of credits required for each gift is high... yet they don't offer much credit for each offer. Lowest credit count 14 credits for a DS lite?!