want to earn big money, and dont have a credit card?

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20-07-2007 11:23:31


Ok, I found a site that allows you to make extremely fast money. Pretty much how it works, they have all this info on the page ill link you to, then you scroll down where it says pay $5. Ok heres the good part, you click that, you pay $5, and after paying the $5, it will give you some info, in that info, they give you a link thing, you then will use that link to refer people. But everytime you refer someone, you get $5. So if they sign up, and pay the $5, you get 100% comission. I already got my $5 I spent back, + $10 more. And I joined wedensday, thats 2 days ago. If your interested, please post below saying im interested, pm me, or just pm me, and Ill reply back with the link.


20-07-2007 16:56:36

sounds like cash gifting.. too much BS work in my opinion.. i have thought about it tho.. not tryin to crap yer thread or anything.. but if ya could elaborate more i MAY be interested at the moment



01-08-2007 07:06:41

I signed up. I doubt I'll make a lot, but I'm sure I'll at least make my $5 back.