Paying $45 on easy site + $100 gc bonuses spend only $4

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05-07-2007 01:12:24

Easy site to do. Just complete 4 instant credit $1 offers. I pay instantly on green. I will help you out through aim if you need it. PM if you're interested and i can setup the trade

for ex.

all the offers u need to do
all $1 instant credit

at home rewards
passport to fun
shopping essentials

BONUS all of these $1 offers give you a $25 gift card so you could make over $145

Here's my ebay feedback since i am newhttp//[]http//


05-07-2007 13:44:30

bumpage!!! please help a newb out.


07-07-2007 01:53:07

late night bumpage again!


07-07-2007 13:00:33

bump at the top of the afternoon