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25-06-2007 00:01:40


OKay guys I just need [ba507284223]1 more ref[/ba507284223] for my youripodnano4free site.

For those of you that PMed me paypal offers, I will get back to you as soon as I get this last referral to for me site (via trade).

If youre looking to trade I cannot[/colora507284223] do the following as of now

youripodnano4free (obviously)

Please Pm me if you want to trade. I would love to submit for approval tonight!


25-06-2007 07:56:02

Hey I can pay you $25. That is the most I can give you. Help me out PLEASSEE


25-06-2007 08:07:57

Hi! I'd love to trade. I could pay you $35 for paypal.ordergiftsfree and if you complete and go green within 24 hours, I'll give you $40 instead! ) Let me know if you are still interested in trading and I'll set it up!


25-06-2007 08:30:08

I can do your nano site if you can do my trainn wii site. PM me.


25-06-2007 09:37:48

Phantom, I sent you a PM.

Im editing my first post so that it is more understandable.

I only want to do normal offer sites. So if blockbuster is 1/2 credit on a site, then it is not NORMAL.


25-06-2007 10:24:38

I'll pay ya $30 for zpt and cash.zpt =) pm me or my aim is goofyre


25-06-2007 12:09:43

[quote1b6152b1df="goof"]I'll pay ya $30 for zpt and cash.zpt =) pm me or my aim is goofyre[/quote1b6152b1df]

I dont think that I am going to be doing any zeropricetags cause their offers are not the best. Blockbuster is 1/2 credit.

Big War Bird

25-06-2007 12:19:03

Ack saw that you are already working on youripodnano4free


25-06-2007 15:31:37

Friendly bump.


25-06-2007 17:16:22

This should be top dollar for this site!

$27 for desktopcomputers...... 12 refs/ $500 = $41.66/ref!!

I will pay you upon green.... let me know if you're interested! Thanks!


26-06-2007 17:08:51


For those that PMed me, read my edited post at the top. Thanks!


26-06-2007 18:56:27

I'll pay $60 for dell.v-bux and $50 for allforone.yourgiftsfree