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14-06-2007 10:25:18

WELCOME!!![/color55aa474487] 8) [/size55aa474487]

I want to thank you for stopping by and checking out my post! I am a very reliable trader {also trade at flr}, and would love to work with you! Please feel free to PM me for any help you may need! I can also be reached at YIM pdcole7. If you would like to work with me then please just post a reply here and I will get in contact with you. I am usually on in the mornings 930am till about 230pm and then again in the evenings around 930pm till ????

getrewardz.com[/color55aa474487] -$20 on green 1/3

displays.123StuffForFree.com[/color55aa474487] - $15 on green 0/7

gear.free4me.net [/color55aa474487]- $18 on green 0/4

AllForOne.YourGiftsFree.com[/color55aa474487] - $30 on green 0/3

her.giftorb.com[/color55aa474487] - $15 on green 0/3

FlashiPods4free.com[/color55aa474487] - $18 on green 0/3

wii.123StuffForFree.com[/color55aa474487] - $15 on green 0/7

visa.2dollardeal.com[/color55aa474487] - $18 on green 0/3

media.hotgifts4you.com[/color55aa474487] - $20 on green 0/3

coke.ordergiftsfree.com[/color55aa474487] - $15 on green 0/3

zeropricetags.com[/color55aa474487] - $20 on green 0/5

I also have several sites that I will pay $1 or $2 on for just signing up. Let me know if you would like to check these out. The site also gives you money for signing up! Canít beat a deal like that!!! 8) [/color55aa474487]

RULES[/color55aa474487]{Everybody has them} lol
1. If you are not paypal verified I will not pay you until after I am approved, unless you get verified!!!
2. You are required to confirm our trades in the feedback forum before starting on any of my sites. I can send the site link to you for the trade
3. I need you to sign up on the site within 24hrs or I will think you donít want the trade. You are required to go green within 48hrs of signing up at one of my sites, if you have to submit for manual credit just let me know and I will add an extra week. If you are not green within 48hrs, have not submitted for manual credit, then the trade will be cancelled.
4. Communication is key here, please keep me updated on your progress. If you become unresponsive our trade will be cancelled as well.

If you turn red at the time of approval, you will need to refund money on that site. If you choose the pay on approval option, you will not get paid. I will no longer be able to use your referral at this time. A person may go red if they have multiple accounts, use false information on the offer, if you do an offer more than 1 time, or if your internet is a proxy user. So make sure you do not have multiple accounts or use false information when you register or when completing offers.

MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN!!!![/color55aa474487] This can be a very exciting "job" so donít let it stress you out! Keep Smiling! Now go make some GREENS! lol

NEWBIES[/color55aa474487] You are welcome here! We were all newbies at one time. If you need some help please ask me! No question is a stupid question! I will help you with any questions you have!
The world always looks brighter from behind a SMILE! D