Yes I'm a noobist!!!! stop starring please!

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08-06-2007 07:49:43

I have done a lot of trading, but never any here.

I have a couple of sites Im working on and need some greens

I am paypal verified and I will pay higher than normal amounts for greens since I have no TR here.
I usually pay on approval, but we can work something out.
If I have to, i'll pay on green for the amount it costs you to do the offers. Im here to stay, and need to build some TR. I am interested in building long term relationships with other traders, so if you're interested in getting some greens for me please PM me

I will be paying TOP dollar!
Have a wonderful day! P

Also, If you are new to trading, please ask about my Guaranteed funds training guide. It will take you through 3 methods of making money here. and I will be more than happy to help you with the process!


09-06-2007 12:16:32

You should put the sites your working on down. So we can see if we can do any of them. Just the sites not the ref link though. wink Also how much your paying on green for them. Happy trading!!!


09-06-2007 12:33:59

PM me with the sites you're working on and how much you want to pay for them, please...