Newbie looking for $$ for

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07-05-2007 07:58:09

I am a newbie and am wanting to do I am looking for $$ to get me started. Anybody that wants to give me a decent offer, please PM me. I have not signed up with any sites, so I should be able to go green for you very easily.


07-05-2007 08:06:33

Welcome to FIPG - I sent you a PM...


07-05-2007 08:09:28

Take a peek at my offers on various sites below. pm me if interested.

Easy Bling

07-05-2007 08:19:55

pm'd with some higher than average payouts-for-sites!

sandra habina

07-05-2007 08:25:47

PM sent - Top 10 Trader here.


07-05-2007 08:27:01

I have it. $22 on green

And others $18 on green $22 on green $20 on green $35 on green or $50 on approval

I am Paypal verified. TR 26


07-05-2007 11:14:35

I accepted an offer from somebody, so I don't need any more PMs. Thanks.