eFAx Question

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24-03-2005 13:13:20

Can i sign up for eFax twice? Once for gratis and once for offercentric and still get credit>?


24-03-2005 13:21:43

can you? yes.

will you get credit for both? no.


24-03-2005 13:22:44

please do me a favor and click Search, put in "sign up twice" and check Search for all terms. thanks.


24-03-2005 13:27:50

why dont you try it, nothing


24-03-2005 13:32:07

[quote5db93a2f2f="cashladder"]why dont you try it, nothing[/quote5db93a2f2f]

I did. Search found 55 matches. How about you do it right now?


25-03-2005 04:00:04

[quote6375e63364="iusa"]can you? yes.

will you get credit for both? no.[/quote6375e63364]

Yes you can, and you can get credit for both. However, you can only have one account at a time.