Logging in to your account.

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24-03-2005 00:06:47

I was just wondering if it is alright to log into your account on someones computer who also has an account on the same site. Do they log your IP whenever you log in? If it matches on of your referrals, will it then be void? I know that you shouldn't have someone sign up under you on your computer, but what about this case?


24-03-2005 01:07:42

i wouldn't worry about it.


29-03-2005 10:05:09

It seems that they do care! My account is suspended, and the only thing i can think of is that someone logged into there account on my computer!


29-03-2005 10:15:25

Petard, you can always try writing to customer service... As long as you didn't violate rules, I don't think they're gonna disqualify you for that..

Mr Sofa Sets

29-03-2005 10:38:53

No, as long as you don't complete an offer, sign up, or order a gift from someone elses PC you'll be fine. You can check your status from anywhere, I do it all the time.


29-03-2005 12:03:42

Same here. My daughter will check her accounts over on my computer (she's got dial up, I have cable modem), but we made sure that no offers are to be done on her account at my house and vice versa.

If you keep track of where you do your offers, that makes it a lot easier to ensure you'll never be put on hold or disqualified.