New look for OC referal page?

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23-03-2005 21:04:06

Is it just me? I refreshed a minute ago and this is what I got -

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23-03-2005 21:05:22

same here! no more green or yellow lights.. only yes and no's.

Mr Sofa Sets

23-03-2005 21:05:50

I don't like it


23-03-2005 21:10:08

It used to tell you how many people have gone green, now you have to count for yourself.


23-03-2005 21:12:25

well, it tells you how many more referrals you need, which in my opinion is better.


23-03-2005 21:27:11

yeah it's dope!


23-03-2005 21:32:15

I like the needing referals part, but I miss the colored dots. That was very easy to see and distinguish.


23-03-2005 21:33:28

Ah, I didn't catch that. I like that too. I do like the yellow and green lights better though.


23-03-2005 22:09:34

Whoa, big change!

Since my order was placed, all my referrals are gone... what I do like is that now they have the "Order Status" box right on top of everything else, so I don't have to click another link to see my status.

[ba06b93c8fd]Edit[/ba06b93c8fd] Ah, nevermind, seems I spoke too soon. I just checked it now and my referrals are there as well. Hmm. I do like how they list the reason why a referral is invalid, but I wish they hadn't gotten rid of the huge colored dots.