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21-03-2005 18:40:56

I got approved on 3/15, and I've been waiting 6 days so far for it to ship... anybody else know how long it takes to ship? Anybody get theirs recently?
Post order dates and receive dates so we can all gauge ourselves!


21-03-2005 18:45:30

Yeah, smart not to post the site, lol. Well I looked in your sig. I'm still not frickin approved!!!!!!! I've been waiting since last Thursday, and I now have 6 referrals. What a pity I'll be wasting the bonus gift (due to lack of offers).


21-03-2005 20:24:40

I guessing they'll ship this week since they didn't last week. I'm was approved for ipodshuffles4free on 3/15 and notebooks4free on 3/16. I hoping we turn stv by this friday.


23-03-2005 07:08:57

I got approved yesterday night, though I guess it really counts as today since Gmail insists it was at 1257 AM (3/23). Does OC have specific STV dates that depend on when you got approved, or do they do it all in one go?