Cameras - 7 business days for approval?!

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18-03-2005 11:30:29

I've been waiting since last Thursday for approval on my Cameras4Free account. They say 3 business days, right? So I sent an email in because some people said they got approved right then. No go for me, they gave me a canned response. Now it's been a full week so I sent another email in. Does it normally take this long for Cameras?

I'm trying to be patient with this, but I need the camera for my upcoming honeymoon o


18-03-2005 11:33:32

email again just be really polite


18-03-2005 11:40:49


Btw, nice new icon Stroid. Love that movie!


18-03-2005 20:47:35

hey man, ive been waitin for 5 days, now 6, as well for approval on cameras and they told me 3. i think ill be sending another email as well...i REALLY could use that cash


18-03-2005 21:58:25

I got approved. Hooray!


19-03-2005 08:15:38

Did you end up sending another service inquiry? If so, did it happen right after that?


19-03-2005 16:49:06

ive been waiting 11 days for my mp3players4free account to be approved


19-03-2005 17:02:06

[quote36137d424c="sweeedfish"]ive been waiting 11 days for my mp3players4free account to be approved[/quote36137d424c]

Wow. I would definately email them.


19-03-2005 17:34:43

ya I did, no response yet...


19-03-2005 20:02:28

im having the same problem...6 days and counting...customer service told me 3 days on monday...after it had already been a day...sigh, hopefully by this coming friday, i really could use that $325!!!