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18-03-2005 09:11:41

In my order status I have this

Order Status - Placed 3/16/2005
Item - iPod shuffle 512MB
Status -Order Placed
Tracking - Not Available

Any idea how long it usually takes to go from this "Processing" phase to STV or whatever OC calls the next step (my first OC site)?

Mr Sofa Sets

18-03-2005 09:23:51

Good news for you maybe. I placed my order for my PVP on March 11th and was processing then too. I went STV the following day and received my PVP on the 16th of March. THAT'S ONLY 5 DAYS FROM ORDERING TO RECEIVING!! I just got my tracking info yesterday so don't think just because it's not there that it hasn't shipped wink I missed the first delivery attempt because I had no idea it was on it's way. OfferCentric is the best. They blow all the other companies away in every way.


18-03-2005 09:32:20

Thanks for the info! Hopefully I'll have the same luck...