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18-03-2005 08:11:16

Does OC get the ip from where you sign up, or from where you complete the offer, or both? Because my friend signed up under me, but never completed an offer, and he is visiting and wants to know if he can complete an offer, or does he have to do it from the original computer he signed up on? Thanks


18-03-2005 08:26:30

is it worth the risk?

just tell him to do it on the computer he signed up from


18-03-2005 08:35:30

Yeah, thats what i was thinking.


18-03-2005 13:00:02

TAKE MY WORD FOR IT, complete the offer from the same IP and DON'T allow ANY of your referrals to complete from your IP. I got into a nasty exchange with OC over it. Ultimately, they overturned their decision and reinstated my account, but they told me it was specifically that an offer was completed on my machine by one of my referrals.


18-03-2005 15:52:41

take the safe way because its a pain in the Alili getting out of hold. trust me you dont want that.